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Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts in the Lansing Area is Ready to Help You on Your Journey to a Stronger Body and Mind!

Learn from the best Martial Arts instructors in the Lansing area! Our instructors and staff are dedicated to providing a great experience for adults and children alike. Excel in your personal goals: strength, balance, focus, self-discipline, and full body and mind fitness. Whether your plan is to compete, lose weight, build a stronger community, or enrich your day-to-day life, Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts can help you. Get started today by looking at one of our programs and filling out the short form on your screen!

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Great martial arts studio! It's not all about "fighting" but the life style and the skills you take away from there can be used in all areas of your life!

Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Kris Parish Henderson

I could not be happier with or recommend more highly the instructors at MMAMA. They are incredibly patient, kind, and professional and inspire their students to excellence. Such an inviting environment and a passionate group of people. Our son's interest has not flagged since he started, and I suspect that in large part has to do with how fun it is to be there and how he is assisted in achieving that next technique, that next stripe, and that next belt.

Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Erin Foote Bartels

I cannot over-sell the awesomeness of the Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts ! They are so good with the kids' classes, teaching discipline and goal-setting, but in a fun way; the instructors are very capable and very kind; the results in the kids are pretty much immediate; and junior instructors like Scott and Connor are pretty much the best walking PR a place like this could ever hope for. I'm very thankful we wound up bringing our son here of all the possibilities in greater Lansing...

Also an incredible place for teens and adults to get in shape and learn a fighting system that incorporates many systems and was developed by a man who has mastered them all.

Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Zach Bartels

My daughter and I trained at their school and it was such a bonding experience for the both of us. She is away at College and I don't worry one bit about her not being able to defend her self. They taught us MANY ways to get out of any situation . I feel good about that with her so far away!!! Thank you so very much!


Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Kim Moon

MMAOfMA promotes a family environment that is welcoming to new and existing students. The parents are always welcome and encouraged to actively participate in the lessons. As a parent you always try to set the best example and teach life lessons and MMAofMA takes the time to do the same, working with parents by reinforcing skills such as courtesy, respect, honor and discipline.

In short, if you are looking for a school that not only teaches martial arts but also helps you to be a better human being then MMAOfMA is the place for you. My family loves it, and I know your family will too!

Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Monica M. Fink

My flexibility has greatly improved. I never dreamed that I would ever be in any type of martial arts, not to mention earning my black belt. It would have never been possible without such a great system, dedicated instructors and also my fellow students.

Adult Martial Arts Lansing

Jeff Henderson

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