Back to School - 10 Steps to Better Grades

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Back to School - 10 Steps to Better Grades

10 Steps to Helping Your Child Get Better Grades at School

Please enjoy this article and if you have any questions about confidence, discipline, fitness or safety for your child, please call us at (517) 349-5335.

Here are ten steps to help your child succeed in school this year.

Today we will review steps 1 – 5 and finish 6 – 10.

1. Develop a schedule.

2. Don't Overextend.

3. Get plenty of Rest & Eat right.

4. Teach the importance of good Focus and Concentration.

5. Stay stocked with supplies necessary for homework.

6. Make homework a priority.

Skipped homework can shipwreck an otherwise excellent grade average.  Allow sufficient time for homework to be completed in a distraction-free atmosphere.  Preferably the time should be after the student has had a chance to unwind from school yet still early enough to feel fresh and alert.  Help your children learn the importance of discipline in every area of their lives.

 7. Lavish Praise/Confidence is the key.

Be certain they know that many people struggle in that subject; it does not mean they are stupid.  Praise each success as they progress no matter how small.  Offer help, or even tutoring if needed, but don't force help if your child prefers to work independently.  Sometimes the goals that are met after a tough fight are the most enjoyable.

If your child has low self-esteem or little confidence, martial arts training offers a great environment to help them build the confidence they will need to succeed in life.

8. Keep communication open.

Take time every day to listen to your child.  Be certain every conversation is not dominated by you.  Let your child tell their experiences at school, with their teacher and with other students, then if problems arise, you have a better understanding of the circumstances that may have led up to them.

9. Keep expectations realistic.

Keep goals reachable to avoid frustration and poor self-image.

10. Be honest.

Many children naturally want to do as well as their parents - or better! So, when you reminisce about your own school days, be certain to tell about your failures as well as your successes.

The Power of Martial Arts and FOCUS

FOCUS & Confidence truly are two of the keys to Getting Better Grades.

Children who train in the martial arts learn powerful focus and concentration skills that translate into better grades and better kids!

NOW is the perfect time to enroll your child today in our FREE “Confidence Course.”  

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P.S. In just 21 days we will be able to dramatically improve your child's focus and confidence, giving them the power to stand up to bullies and peer pressure and help them stay SAFE AND get BETTER GRADES!  

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