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In the Martial Arts Academy, we teach the idea that with strong effort comes the reward.  One must sacrifice and work hard toward achievement or reward.  The same is true in any aspect of life. Just like when we were kids, our kids want privileges.  But privileges are not a "right" to something.  We believe it's a good thing to teach our youth that with all privileges come responsibilities.  It is the way the Martial Arts works, it is the way life works, and our families work. It is not a "right" it is a privilege to be earned to own a puppy, to have a cellphone, a computer, a car.  All privileges have responsibilities.  For example, if you have the privilege of using the car, then you are responsible for following the rules of the road, and family rules.


If your privilege is going to the movies with a friend, then you are responsible for your conduct and your curfew as well as any other special instructions you might receive from mom and dad.  We have the "privilege" of living in a free country.  That privilege requires we appreciate those who helped give us these freedoms and it also requires certain acts of responsible behavior on our part.


Parents it is a huge mistake to assume our children will grow up to become responsible adults without a huge amount of coaching.  It's a lot of hard work.  But it's also one of the most enriching, rewarding experiences that can take place between a parent and a child.  You will be so proud to see your kids grow up to be responsible adults.


So parents, be diligent.  Don't become frustrated or give up.  Stick with it and your child will grow up to handle all types of responsibility effectively.


And remember one "earns" privileges.  One qualifies for privileges through responsibility and earning trust.  Don't cave!  Teach your kids what you like about when they behave with good responsibility.  About cause and effect.  Always help them learn.  Not using this as something to hold against them, but to help them get better. 


-          Sifu Dan Timlin

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