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Perseverance means sticking it out with something and seeing it through until finality, no matter what obstacles might crop up and get in the way.  One popular motivational statement that we use at our academy is, when faced with a mountain, go over, go around, underneath, or tunnel through if you have to.

We have also, all heard the old saying, where there is a will, there's a way. This is really an accurate statement when you think about it, because perseverance comes from the inner will.  Perseverance also means having a drive and determination and never giving up. 

While everyone would agree that perseverance is an admirable quality when this mental quality needs to be exercised and or utilized in our personal lives, many times we have a tendency to forget about the power of perseverance and where it comes from so that we can have enough motivation and reason to persevere. 

Our perseverance comes from our burning desire and original reasons for our goals (the power of why.)  If our rational isn't right, we will easily get discouraged and give up.  The ability to weather the storm with confidence also comes from understanding problem solving as well, as discussed earlier. 

This is because we may need to use our solution finding skills in order to overcome obstacles and persevere.  Remember, obstacles are a natural phenomenon in life, as we also talked about earlier in the problem-solving section.  So the formula then is to blend the power of why, as discussed in the goals section, to review your original desires which brings honest motivation, become a solutions expert, plus faith.  This will give us the resolve we need to persevere and move straight ahead. 

Also, we can turn to our mission statement and think of why we wrote it for inspiration to keep on moving ahead.  It is not good enough to have in our personalities, stubbornness, and bull-headedness in order to persevere.  It has to come from something deeper within.  A burning desire based on reasons, not just instinct.  There are times when instinct will help one persevere, but beyond this, the outer drive must come from a deeper source for any worthwhile goal to be achieved. 

This comes from an understanding of ourselves, which the Martial Arts journey helps us discover.  Martial Arts can help us understand and discover much about ourselves which helps one grow and mature.  But this will happen only if illumination in these areas is given and proper guidance and direction help us understand our purpose, direction, and ultimately a greater understanding of ourselves through the Martial Arts experience. 

This type of guidance is unique to our system.  Follow through and open-mindedness is incumbent upon the practitioner however, in order to achieve this.

When one understands that we can falter in our goals sometimes and then have a method to regain one's balance and get back to realizing the honest desire for motivation than one not only begins to understand oneself but also begins to understand perseverance.  And still, better yet, how to persevere.  So, when times are tough and things are not going your way, one must have a method and a reason to move ahead anyway.  To become successful, one must be a success thinker.  As a success thinker, you will eventually mature and understand that the power of the mind is incredible!                 

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