• We offer a comprehensive Kickboxing Fitness training classes that aim at helping you perfect the skills to make you feel confident and prepared in any situation of self-defense.
  • We specialize in self-defense and sports fitness classes, intending to provide you with the best and highly skilled instructors who are masters of their craft.
  • We pride ourselves in creating regular and well structured Kickboxing Fitness classes that help you perfect self-defense skills with ease.

Confidence boosting through our kickboxing classes

  • Our Kickboxing Fitness combines rigorous Kickboxing Fitness combat with a high-intensity workout that enables you to achieve your fitness goals with ease, making you feel more confident.
  • Our skilled instructors have compiled a vast range of Kickboxing Fitness workout moves aimed at achieving total body workout.
  • A great workout plan that only takes a few classes to help you get into the groove and lose those extra pounds without any stress, and in the most fun way possible.
  • The best part is that you feel happier and more confident. Now, who doesn't want that!

Experience A Workout That Will Change Your Life

We specialize in high intensity kickboxing workout

  • Fitness Kickboxing class with an incredible fitness program that is great for adults who want to lose weight, tone, and build cardio.
  • You will gain confidence in your body while taking part in an explosive, high-energy, total body workout that will burn through calories.
  • You will grow stronger, leaner, and more defined arms, thighs, and butt! It is the absolute best workout class in Lansing. Our Kickboxing Fitness classes combine Boxing, Aerobics, and Martial Arts Fitness, which will provide you an exhilarating 800 calorie-burning program that will challenge your body!
  • It is proven to improve your cardiovascular ability, your strength, and overall fitness level, as well as enhance your flexibility.
  • Whether your goal is to sculpt your muscles, lose weight, or just tone, this program will give you just that!